The United States Mint announced that they will not produce any 2022 Morgan or Peace Silver Dollars, citing a lack of silver blanks as the reason, and adding that the pause will give them time to study how to use their limited supply of silver to “ensure the best customer experience we can.”

“We’ll be required to make business decisions like this until the supply chain for silver blanks recovers from the disruptions caused by COVID-19,” said Mint Deputy Director Ventris C. Gibson.

The U.S. Mint had originally scheduled proof editions of 2022 Morgan and Peace dollars for release this fall.

Production of the dollars will return in 2023, according to Gibson.

“I want to ensure that our customers know,” she said, “that the modern renditions of the historic Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars will continue next year. Our goal is straightforward: to give our loyal customers the products they want and the service they deserve.”

Modern renditions of the historic coins launched last year, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the two dollars’ designs. They enjoyed huge success that translated into Mint plans to offer them annually in varying finishes and from multiple production facilities.

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